Carrie Parks-Gomes, project manager

Carrie has more than 15 years experience in project management across several fields, making her a truly unique resource. Her advanced management skills have led to success in the corporate, educational and legal sectors, and she now brings her innumerable talents to Chromedome Design.

A licensed attorney, Carrie graduated from Rutgers School of Law in 1999. After graduating, she earned a position as Deputy Attorney General for the State of New Jersey, fighting the abuse and neglect of children. Demonstrating a love for children and for education, Carrie taught English literature to underprivileged children in Arizona while earning a Master’s in Education from the University of Phoenix. Her experiences led her back to the East Coast, where she took an opportunity to work in family law in New Jersey. She managed statewide litigation and process implementation projects. Expanding on her experiences as an attorney-educator, she created teacher training manuals and conducted seminars regarding the legal issues that parents, teachers and school boards face in our public education system. She did all of this while balancing a full caseload.

Most recently, Carrie was a Vice President at JPMorgan Chase, where she developed, implemented, and managed a vast array of projects for JPMorgan’s Global Loan Trading businesses. In this capacity, she set goals and deadlines, led corporate training, directed hiring initiatives, designed print materials, and managed several project teams on tight deadlines. Her projects for JPMorgan’s business have been successfully executed in New York, India, and Europe.