Todd Peden, principal

Todd is the rare website designer/developer who understands that user experience and website usability come before flashy graphics. He is an expert in all essential Web standards technologies, including HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript, and he has experience in search engine optimization, designing sites to maximize their search engine visibility. Todd loves a challenge and has an uncanny ability to solve any problem.

Todd has a Bachelor of Design Science from the Arizona State University School of Design, where he majored in graphic design with an emphasis in user-centered design and human factors. Todd knows the way forward at Chromedome Design is to create an environment that values creativity, collaboration, and dependability. He fosters fresh ideas that he knows will place his clients at the forefront of technological efficiency and excellence.

Over the last six years, Todd’s efforts have helped PetSmart, Inc. create a website worthy of the top retailer in the pet merchandise and services space. The PetSmart site offers key vendors the ability to promote their goods and services to PetSmart’s vast customer base. Timely and well-designed e-mails for sales and promotions allow customers to seamlessly link to the site. Todd also assists PetSmart with communication to investors of key events and reporting, as well as offering promotional materials to affiliates.