Web development forms the core of Chromedome Design’s services, with specialties in brochure websites, email campaigns, e-commerce, social media pages, mobile apps, online advertising, and search marketing through SEO and PPC.

iPhone/Android App Development

Mobile applications – “apps” – are a rapidly growing communication medium. App development requires the expertise of graphic designers, interface designers, usability experts, front-end and back-end developers, as well as specific knowledge of the mobile devices’ development environments. Chromedome Design’s experienced team offers a comprehensive app development solution.

Front-End Web Development (HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Responsive)

Front-end development encompasses all of the languages – the “code” – that are processed by a website visitor’s browser, which, generally speaking, make up the look, feel, and behavior of a website’s pages. Chromedome Design’s team is expert in the modern standards of front-end coding, which results in web pages that are easy to use, easy to update, use no proprietary or specialty code, and display properly in all modern browsers.

Back-End Web Development (PHP, MySQL, .NET, SQL)

Also known as server side coding, back-end development encompasses all the languages that control a website's core functionality and dynamic content. The Chromedome Design development team has expertise in PHP and .NET, as well as in the most popular database applications, MySQL and SQL.

Flash Development

Though it has justly fallen out of favor as a core web development platform (it was never intended for this purpose), Flash is still an important tool for many features of a modern website, especially for delivering animated or motion content. Flash is frequently used for online display ads, games, animations, and video. Chromedome Design’s designers and developers are competent with Flash, as well as with its scripting language, ActionScript.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the most effective ways to market is to connect with potential customers at the exact moment when they are searching for your product. Search engine optimization (SEO) makes this possible, by ensuring that your website ranks highly for the search terms that prospective customers use. Chromedome Design’s team is accomplished in all aspects of SEO, including keyword research, keyword integration, search rank monitoring, and goal-based metrics

Intranet Design/Development

Though they function much like websites on the Internet, intranets have unique requirements, including storage and retrieval for a large and frequently changing volume of documents, user roles and permissions, and security. Chromedome Design’s team can provide comprehensive solutions for intranet needs.

Data Mining and Management

Data mining and the broader field of database knowledge discovery are the process of discerning meaningful patterns in large data sets, and in Chromedome Design’s case is typically applied to providing marketing insights to our clients.

Partner Services

Graphic Design and Visual Communication

Bohnsack Design and giantboy are experts in the visual representation of ideas and messages, using the language of graphic design, including typography, imagery, page layout, color, and symbols. These designers have expertise in design for online, mobile, and print media, which, although they share a design language, require different approaches in order to account for online and mobile media’s screen resolution and size limitations, actions, interactivity, non-linear presentation, and differences in the way customers read electronically delivered information.

Usability Testing

One of the most revealing and interesting ways to find out if your site is working for your business is to watch real people use it. A usability test moderated by Eight Trails’ usability experts will yield immediate insights into what your site needs to succeed. Sessions are recorded and observed from a remote location, so you and your team can actually see which parts of your website cause problems for your users. A written summary of key usability concerns, their estimated impact on usability, and recommendations provides a blueprint for website improvement.

Usability testing is effective both during the design and development of your website – to identify possible problems and allow time to correct them before your site goes live – as well as after your site is live, to diagnose specific performance issues such as bounce visits, short visits, shopping cart abandonment, inquiry form errors, or poor conversion metrics.

Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Eight Trails’ team includes a Google AdWords Qualified Individual, who has met Google’s rigorous testing standards for certification in pay-per-click (PPC) campaign management. Eight Trails’ PPC services include keyword research, ad testing plan, creation or optimization of campaigns, ad groups, and ads, conversion tracking, and campaign management.

Online Media Buying

Eight Trails’ online media planning and buying services can place online display (banner) ads across a targeted, completely individualized selection of local, national and niche interest sites. Ads are targeted to specific pages within these sites to reach the desired demographic audience. Reports include placement-by-placement data, including full Rich Media metrics by site, size, placement and creative version. They track not only the number of clicks to the web site, but any other desired metric. For instance, if there are multiple videos in the ads, Eight Trails will collect data on the interactions and view times for each video.

Business Process Analysis and Improvement

Eight Trails practices continuous process improvement, identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems for its clients, with the goal of improving efficiency, reducing cost, and accelerating results. Eight Trails’ project managers are specially trained to identify issues and propose solutions to improve communication, workflow, approvals, asset management, and other components of the website and email development process.